Are You an Investor Or a Gambler?

Real estate investing is a wonderfully lucrative, empowering and life changing venture. But it needs to be approached with the right mindset if you want to realize success.

We have worked with hundreds of investors over the past few years. Many of them have not received the results they wanted – either on their own or with other Real Estate Programs. When we sit down and review their Investment History, we frequently see that their overall approach to Real Estate Investing needs to be adjusted.

All too often, we determine these individuals view Real Estate Investing as a gamble or a game of chance. In reality, Real Estate Investing can be as stable and predictable as opening up a world class franchise. The key is to focus on the right things.

Outlined below are a few questions you should ask yourself to help determine if you’re looking at Real Estate as a gambling venture or an investment business.

Do you focus on appreciation over cash flow?

Real estate has four distinct benefits illustrated by the CATP acronym:

Cash Flow


Tax Benefits and

Principal Paydown.

(If you like, go back to another Wealth Tactic for a more in depth explanation of CATP. )

The most secure returns come from Cash Flow and Tax Benefits. Principal Paydown is less secure, but offers some stability to an Investor.

Appreciation is least secure and the most risky (i. e. volatile) component. You can make some great money with Appreciation, but if you time the market incorrectly it can ruin you. Looking to make money in Real Estate Investing through Appreciation alone can be risky. Too much risk equals gambling!

Do you talk and think like a gambler?

Gamblers use phrases and terms like “bet”, “house money, ” and “chance. ” Have you ever thought, “I’ll bet a little on the really cheap house and see what happens?” Or used leverage in a way where you’re thinking about “house money” when you refinance and cash out? If so, then you may be taking the wrong mindset – the gamblers mindset – into real estate investing.

Do you focus on probability vs. research?

The best place to find a gambler is in a Casino. And you have probably noticed that Casino owners live a lot better than gamblers!


Most casino games are in fixed rule environments – there are set inputs and outputs. And the rules themselves are skewed to the Casino. Because there are only so many results that occur from blackjack or craps for example, you can only win by devising a strategy based on probability and betting theory. Without the strategy, it’s just expensive entertainment. Even with the strategy, you will be lucky to break even.

There are parts of Real Estate Investing that are even riskier than a night in Vegas. After all, you can lose more than you bet. If you have to foreclose on a house or pay back taxes, or several other unforeseen events, you’ll be out more than you invest. This is because Real Estate is not a fixed input/output system. There are a tremendous number of different things that can occur in a Real Estate Investment.

But unlike those casinos, you can use the “rules” to actually help you win more than you lose.

Remember, you have a very strong level of control over the performance of your investment, especially if you focus on the Cash Flow benefits of a property. While you can’t change the market and you can’t change (or very rarely) the available team, you can change the rehab level, tenant selection criteria, rents, marketing, tenant management, etc, etc. This control creates a level of safety and wealth if applied correctly.

If you research the right metro areas with the right fundamentals and if you research and find the best teams (acquisition, rehab, management, legal), you will have significantly decreased your risk. Research trumps probability mainly because a good property in a bad area is still doomed, but a bad property in a good area can do pretty well.

An investor who remembers and applies this concept will take gambling and all of its risks out of the picture. While gamblers will look to score on an investment with little or no research about the market or CATP, an investor will focus on cash flow, and sound market research – only working in the best markets to get the best results.

Real estate is historically and will continue to be the greatest wealth builder available as long as you approach it with the right mindset – as an investor. Once you stop thinking like a gambler and start thinking like an investor you will be making better decisions and getting better results!

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Sports Arbitrage Trading Reviewed

SureBetPro was created by C.E.O. James Beattie a little more than 1 year ago. If you haven’t heard of it by now, SureBetPro is an automated sports arbitrage trading software package that finds arbs in real-time. The software makes finding arbs around the world extremely easy and allows for fast execution of trades. The company has seen astounding growth throughout Australia and Europe as well as the US more recently.

What is sports arbitrage trading? Sports arbitrage trading is not to be confused with gambling which carries a risk. It’s a system where a trade is placed with two different bookmakers that have opposing views on the outcome of an upcoming sporting event. The result is a win with one bookmaker and a loss with another. Because both bookmakers had different odds on the sporting event, you make a profit regardless of the outcome.

How much money can I make? This really depends on the amount of money one has to spread among the bookmakers. Typically the arbs range from 1% to 10% and from time to time arbs will come in around 15%. Before any money can be made at all, the user will need to fund his/her neteller account so that funds can be distributed among the 70 or so bookmakers. It is not recommended to trade more than $1,000 with each bookmaker otherwise they may see you as a syndicate and syndicates tend to wipe bookies clean. However you can place as many $1,000 trades as you like throughout the day with different bookmakers to maximize your trading profits. Trading results will vary with the individual.

How long does it take to get my money back from the bookmakers? Money is paid out directly back to your account within 1 to 3 hours after the sporting event. I personally have never had to wait more than 1 hour to see my funds beamed directly back to my account. At this time you can then recycle your profits and trade on yet another sporting event.

Can I build a business with SureBetPro? Many people do not know that SureBetPro offers multiple streams of income. The company offers $80 in commissions for every person a trader brings into SureBetPro and $47.50 per month for the life of their subscription. On top of this, business builders can build a personal forced matrix which can offer up to $250,000 per month with a complete matrix. SureBetPro is quite the program when it comes to establishing residual income.

There are many books and programs available in regards to arbitrage trading. It can be a tedious task learning how to arbitrage trade from scratch; however automated systems make it easy for anyone to get started.